Brock Hudgins Architects is an architecture and design firm established to create acclaimed buildings in urban environments. Formed by long-time collaborators Eric Brock and Ben Hudgins, Brock Hudgins Architects is known for delivering creative site strategies which achieve desired density while integrating new construction into the existing urban fabric. Our services include planning and zoning, from initial site analysis through the neighborhood and jurisdictional review process. Our projects are complex and often involve a mix of new construction, adaptive reuse, historic preservation, and mixed-use programs.

We understand and are committed to the power of good design to transform communities and elevate the lives of its residents and their guests. Both Brock and Hudgins believe good design yields good places which are well made, beautiful and economically viable and that such places are inherently sustainable because they will be cared for and preserved. 



Brock and Hudgins have designed and built more than 10,000 dwelling units throughout the Southeastern United States. Our careers have been dedicated to designing creative multifamily housing. We are experts and innovators in housing design covering a spectrum of rental and for-sale typologies including townhomes, stacked flats, wraps, podiums and high-rise. Our housing design is characterized by elegance and economy. Our housing practice been informed and enriched by our work in urban planning, retail, and hospitality design.



Brock Hudgins Architects designs housing with functional and comfortable units, creative common spaces, and active, human-scaled streetscapes. We emphasize dynamic physical connections to public spaces and to shared areas by utilizing strategies that enable and encourage both social interaction and physical activity. We preserve and enhance public space such as streets and sidewalks. People live, eat, shop, and play amid buildings and at ground level, immersed in the first 20 feet of the vertical space around us. A great ground floor is a valuable amenity for the residents of the building as well as a way to contribute vitality to the neighborhood at large.

ERIC BROCK, AIA, Principal

Eric, a seasoned leader and architect, is excited to lead Brock Hudgins Architects after spending a decade each at Brock Green Architects and Planners (founding principal), and most recently as principal and director at Lord Aeck Sargent.



Ben has a knack for creating simple, compelling solutions to very complex design problems. He lives for the challenges presented by urban infill projects, and loves putting his urban design training to work.